What is it?

AElf Toolkit is a tool that simplifies how you interact with the AElf Blockchain from right within Visual Studio Code! It provides the following features:

  1. Create, Write & Build Smart Contracts
  2. Create & Manage AElf Wallets
  3. Transfer assets (e.g ELF) between wallets
  4. Launch local AElf node instances
  5. Deploy contracts to local node/testnet

....all with the click of a button!

Our goal is to provide developers with a set of familiar tools that would empower them to focus on building dApps -- not tooling -- on AElf.

Future Plans/Roadmap

What you see before you is the result of a one-man effort over the past one week. I have big plans for this tool, and with the help of community-led grants, hope to execute on them. One of the big plans I'm working on (in a separate dev branch) is a Visual Development Blockchain Tracker for Aelf Toolkit that would bring the power of a blockchain explorer right within the comforts of VSCode.

I also hope to launch a web version of this so developers unfamilar/not comfortable with VSCode can still benefit from this toolkit that, I believe, will radically increase the number of dApps built on the AElf Blockchain ecosystem.

Setup & Installation

Please follow the Github README to-the-T. With many breaking changes to the main AElf repo, you might encounter various problems when using AElf Toolkit. As such, it is imperative you follow the instructions on the README that have been personally verified by myself. Thanks!

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