The goal of this study, which was inspired by behavioral science and digital therapy, was to see if self-guided digital therapy based on cognitive behavioral therapy could be useful in the treatment of mental health and wellbeing issues. Similar studies have shown that such courses can be just as beneficial in the treatment of depression and anxiety.


While there are some NFT projects that aim to empower individuals, the topic of mental health is rarely discussed in the Web3 community.


*AElf blockchain powered and NFT driven solution * helped us to create a community alongside our application, allowing us to grow with our users. This has the added benefit of promoting mental health awareness while also creating a secure environment for our consumers.

What it does

Our emotions are always hidden and suppressed in mental health. We keep it so close to us that it eventually becomes oppressive and suffocating.

To ensure we don't miss proven patterns in the actual world, the solution addresses new ways of interacting in the metaverse, as well as the power of community and discovering connections.

Health NFTs that have been NFT-fied (1st drop), followed by hundreds of NFTS (2nd drop) Decentralized governance in which the community as a whole decides on the future of HealthMiner.

• The service is hosted on AElf and features a quick revelation of NFTs as well as reasonable mint restrictions.

CBT is an evidence-based therapy that helps people discover, assess, and reframe their ideas in order to enhance their mood.

• On timely execution of stated tasks and milestone events, the end user is rewarded with NFT tokens.

How we built it

We're incredibly thrilled to bring this to the community since it goes beyond appealing collectibles and reward tokens to enable future options for enjoyment and utility across the metaverse.

HealthMiner, a collection of NFTs that intends to gamify therapy, is poised to take the lead in this field in the world of NFTs.

Bringing a solution to the metaverse via NFT, which has a big potential to generate buzz in the NFT world.

Towards very Tech 4 good cause – putting innovative ways to interact through gamified NFT resulting multi-faceted capabilities

• awareness for everyone with emphasis on Wellness, thoughtfulness and mental health • interactions with challenged people where communication, language and making them speak up are barriers to absorb hidden information around mental health • strived to create a welcoming environment for those dealing with mental health struggles • Identified 6 key pillars (sleep, exercise, diet, mental resilience, relationships, purpose) important in improving mental health through gradual but sustainable change

Gamified Multifaced Capabilities

Challenges we ran into

With so many variables in real-world circumstances, connecting such sensitive concerns to Tech 4 Good in order to make a change in society is difficult. We used design thinking and empathy dialogues to bring the best to end users in incremental increments.

The initial setup and exploration of AElf's API documentation took a little longer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Improving access to mental health solutions • Taking care of mental health through fun with components of Tech 4 good are all things we're proud of.

What we learned

HealthMiner - Human-Centered Design-Driven Experience In the solution, HCD is at the heart of end-user navigation. HCD is a way of thinking that prioritizes the people we're attempting to help and other key stakeholders in the design, innovation, and implementation process. The HCD process is iterative, quantifiable, and results-oriented.

• Work with stakeholders – whether end users or service providers – to build solutions and strategies that overcome issues and develop opportunities to produce value and impact.

What's next for HealthMiner

HealthMiner's long-term goal is to become a global emblem of positive mental health.

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