This project is inspired by Kickstarter. Every blockchain needs good projects to become popular. I want people to really use web3 applications. So it would be great if this application can provide funding for other projects.

What it does

It lets users create project proposals, everybody can donate to a project. You will receive your funds once the funding goal has been reached.

How we built it

Of course it's completely decentralized and in C#. The application uses C# / Blazor and compiles to WebAssembly. This allows it to be hosted anywhere. It's currently hosted on GitHub pages. The smartcontract is also written in C#.

Challenges we ran into

I was completely new to the aelf ecosystem and did not work with aelf before. It was a challenge to find out how everything works, get some coins on the testnet, do my first deploy etc. But it worked out!

What's next for aelf Community Funding

The application UI can be improved. That's not my strongest point. But it's open source so maybe there is a frontend developer that wants to do that. I can think of a lot of cool features for the future. For example, what if all the users who donated to your project get a custom token?

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