Various places:

Melan Diagrams: Melan on RPGnet has a simplified representation of dungeons that makes connectivity obvious. It would be nice to generate these automatically from a digital copy of a map.

Justin Alexander's "Better Dungeon Maps" series talks about various changes to the Dungeons and Dragons mapping conventions. This got me thinking about style-and-content separation for dungeon maps E.G. so you can change from the box-like traditional DND door symbol to a swing-door one similar to what architects use (and Palace of the Vampire Queen), without having to change any map content.

A third goal was accessibility: the MDN canvas tutorial talks a lot about what to do to make Canvas applications accessible, but JS apps in the wild don't seem to pay much attention to that. I want to build something that at least acknowledges the need to work without canvas support.

What it does

Not much, yet...

How I built it

JQuery and plain JS (with ). There's probably a lot of UI stuff I could use libraries for, but I don't know the JS ecosystem enough to know what I need -- and it's more fun to build things myself. :-P.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for aeldardin-rooms

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