Our Problem

In the United States, over 90% of companies are Small Businesses, and of those over 90% employ less that 20 people.

Their Problem

Conducting a Cyber Risk Assessment is costly, time consuming, and often times returns very elementary information, especially for Small Businesses.

Our Solution

Since most of the steps in a Risk Assessment are predictable and standardized, (thanks to the efforts at the good people at NIST), we can create a web service to help these owners assess their own cyber risk, and help them become for cyber conscious.

Challenges I ran into

I love Amazon. Heck, I even love Amazon Web Services. However its depth increases its complexity, and what is working one hour can break seemingly without reason.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The menu works. =) And I am proud I can make an almost professional looking website in a day. -Anita

What I learned

Working with AWS can be very rewarding when it all starts to work! And I really want to learn more about all the services it can offer! And I had never set up a website with an actual real domain!

What's next for AEHack

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