How do we motivate people at risk of weight related issues to exercise and change their lifestyle to promote health habits? Curing patients of diseases that recur because the patient doesn't change their lifestyle decreases quality of life for the patient, and increases spending from both the patient and the Health Insurance Company. Everybody loses. So, let's monetarily incentive the patient to lead a healthier life.

What it does

We built a platform that will reward users for exercise in a new cryptocurrency that we developed. We created an ERC 20 Ethereum token and smart contracts on the public Ethereum blockchain to reward users, and verify work being done by computer vision and IOT device plugins. We have abstracted away the details of each device used to verify work, so the platform supports generic IOT sensors.

What's really cool about this project is that we created a Health Insurance, Vendor, and Personal Motivation agnostic platform to motivate changing lifestyles. Let's say that a person at risk for Type 2 diabetes, or that has any overweight related disease currently decides to exercise for Aegle (assuming their Health Insurer accepts Aegle). They then are rewarded with the Aegle cryptocurrency, which they could spend with any Vendor (assuming the Vendor accepts Aegle). This means that every patient using Aegle could create their own incentive by spending Aegle in a way that motivates them. Then, every Vendor that accepts Aegle can determine what they accept it for. For example, if 10 Aegle at Company A means that patient B can buy 5 avocados, then that is an agreement between the patient and the Vendor. The Health Insurance Company doesn't need to know the details, they just need to know that Company A has 10 Aegle and would like to exchange it with the them (the Health Insurance Company) for x number of dollars that the Health Insurance Company sets the rate of.

How we built it

OpenCV determines exercises, phone sends requests to wearables, responses are triggered from devices and sent to the Ethereum blockchain to reward the user with Aegle.

Challenges we ran into

Issuing the smart contract properly, getting the computer vision component to recognize motion and label it, getting OpenCV to run natively on an Android smartphone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works.

What we learned

programming is hard, but rewarding.

What's next for Aegle

Public adoption.

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