Electronic Document Management

What it does

You create a dynamic document, set its fields, types, validations, size... Scan and upload a real document, select a document type, fill the automatically generated form. We perform OCR software and all data is indexed and stored in ElasticSearch Java client to fill forms and send documents if the costumer needs.

How I built it

A lot of metadata for dynamic forms. Heavy use of tesseract. AWS is gold.

Challenges I ran into

Good free OCR software is hard to find. Scanning images with java. I have to buy Morena 7 :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Dynamic forms generator. OCR service. The whole project for sure.

What I learned

Elasticsearch. Tesseract.

What's next for Aegis

I have plans to use Abbyy over tesseract.

Built With

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