One of our team members created an automated assistant using artificial intelligence. This tool in combination with his idea spawned the idea of aegis, the powerful and elegant search engine.

What aegis does

Closes the gap between questions and answers. aegis converts audio to text, indexes documents and articles into a database.

How we built aegis

Aegis was initially built using a web API using C# then we moved to using the Azure services such as computer vision, the search engine indexes the data into our cosmos database.

Challenges we ran into

Converting videos in different languages and accents, unique industry terms and acronyms into easily searchable text.

Accomplishments I'm proud of

Creating a unique way to index audio and optical data within videos for easy search results.

What we learned

We learned how to leverage expansive technology into creating something powerful and elegant solving a problem common to all industries.

What's next for Aegis

The future for aegis is vast. The search habits of aegis users could be used to help Finastra customers better understand where their users need help. It could be used by third parties to create applications that aren't even thought of before this data has been published.

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