Heart diseases accounted for 30% of deaths in Canada each year. Often, a victim of heart attack can be saved when an AED (automated external defibrillator) is applied immediately.

However, it is clear that we don't pay much attention to our surroundings. AEDs are actually relatively common in indoor public space, but I don't pay enough attention to know where a single one of them are. Furthermore, heart attacks don't always happen in familiar locations, and in those cases it is critical to locate an AED quickly to save someone's life.

This Android application is simplistic and fast to load. It uses the Google maps API, finds your current location, and give you the locations of the closest AEDs in the vicinity. Now where does the data for the location of the AEDs come from? Crowd sourcing. AED Finder allows its user to add AED locations and descriptions to the map. It is hoped that in this process, not only are you providing life-saving data to someone who needs it, you are also educating yourself by familiarizing yourself with the locations of the AEDs as you report them.

I used Firebase to update all the data in real time.

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