In the fast paced yet stressful world of dating and relationships it is easy to to run into road blocks; anything from questioning your outfit to not being sure if your date idea is romantic or cheesy. Sometime all you need is the guidance or advising of other people just like you to tell you that you're doing it right, or that its time to try something new. Dating is hard - improve your chances by harnessing the internet.


  • Quickly request for advice with a photo, description, and a target gender (M, F, or both)
  • Get advice from target gender(s) (SMS push notifications on each reply)
  • Original poster can 'appreciate' replies
  • View other top 'advsrs' on the site and see their previous replies and questions
  • Premium users can get unlimited replies on their posts
  • Anonymous users can still use the site with limited functionality (no photos, gender control, max 3 replies, or ability to explore other content)
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