As high school students during a global pandemic, finding ways to get involved in our communities is difficult, due to the lack of connection with others and our schools. Though many apps help us discover events within our communities, there has yet to be one tailored towards high school students that includes a variety of events.

What it does

Advo's strategy to helping students find events that they are interested in is by allowing them to choose within four categories: Business, STEM, Activism, and Volunteering. Students can find various online and in-person activities and groups for each category. Advo also features a forum page that allows users to communicate with one another, share activities they've done, ask questions, or simply interact with one another!

How we built it

Our project began with rough paper sketches of our app, later developing into a colourful Figma design that gave us a detailed idea of each page. Using Glitch, we put the app to life with a base that showed how our app would function in the user's hands.

Challenges we ran into

Because of our past experiences working with Glitch and Figma, most of our challenges pertained to the general looks of the app. It took us quite a while to come up with the name, colour scheme, and logo, which we wanted to perfect, finding colours that would represent each category and were also aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, we decided to try something new by creating a start-up animation with Figma, that ran into some obstacles with editing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With experience from past hackathons, we were excited to have worked much more efficiently, using strategies we implemented before. We were able to create a beautiful base for our app that implemented everything we initially wanted to add!

What we learned

After experiencing our first-ever hackathon, we were dedicated to using our second as a way to perfect everything, and also try new things! We learned new methods of coding, animating, and designing, that allowed us to experiment with our app.

What's next for Advo

This time, we tried to make our glitch project a little more functional (addition of "likes"), but are hoping to work on making all aspects function like a real app. We also hope to add a way for businesses to make accounts and post their events!

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