We connect advice seekers with personal advisors who offer help through real time chat.

Everyone needs advice or someone to talk to sometimes, and people are often not comfortable talking to friends, family, or anyone they know in real life about their personal problems. Furthermore, when people need advice, they usually want to be able to get good advice as quickly as possible.

Members of our hackathon team have experience using existing products and services to listen to and advise people looking for someone to talk to about their problems. Through this experience, we have discovered that once advice-seekers manage to connect with a helpful and understanding advisor, they usually want to be able to reach that advisor again in the future. Current products and services do not make it possible for advice-seekers to get help in real time, remain anonymous, and be able to reconnect with good advisors.

Our app, Advise, is a simple-to-use mobile app that anonymously connects people seeking help or advice with helpful peer or professional advisors. With Advise, people can simply and conveniently get and give help in real-time using their mobile device. Additionally, advice-seekers can reconnect to their favorite advisors through the app, without having to compromise their anonymity.

Non-profits can use Advise to help their employees and volunteers reach their constituents. With Salesforce integration, they can get reports on chat volume, advisors, and ratings.

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