During quarantine, it has been a struggle for us all to manage stress, especially for those who are influenced by the people around them. We’re all friends in college, and we all helped each other manage ourselves. Whether that be in the form of reminding each other of deadlines, or making sure the others ate and slept that day. So we wanted to make a project that would help us actually encourage us to maintain better habits in general! We chose to focus on work, relationship, sleep, and health as a baseline, as these are issues that we see as especially prevalent during quarantine and in general, and would allow us room for expansion in the future.

What it does

Our project addresses the everyday stress that people encounter in their day to day life by giving them the tools to work through any of the challenges they may face. Whether they are experiencing trouble with their work, relationships, sleep, or health we have activities they can do to help calm down and regain control of the situation.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to develop the website itself, and we used GitHub to store and share our repository.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first hackathon for half our team! And the first time trying web development for most of us!

Our first hurdle came in the form of GitHub. Half of the team hadn’t worked in a group coding project, much less used GitHub. Our leader had to teach us every step of using git, from making different work branches to pushing to the master. It was also a new experience for half of us to work in group coding in general, much less in a remote setting. The remote setting really exacerbated difficulties when we were trying to troubleshoot together, but personal internet connections made screen sharing difficult. However, this did force us to improve our ability to verbally describe our difficulties and troubleshooting attempts!

In addition to this, most of us hadn’t used HTML or CSS at all before, so a lot of our challenges came from figuring out web design in general. We spent a decent amount of time learning how to use HTML and CSS, and those with experience with web design encountered new functionalities. There was also difficulty in the visual design aspect, as none of us are designers, so we spent some time trying to ensure it looked visually appealing.

We also have trouble implementing a chatbot that interacts with our users that tries to help them figure out how to work through their issues, and deploying our site. We decided to use Microsoft Azure because they have everything we were looking for. We ran into a lot of obstacles using Azure because of our lack of experience but with the help of mentors and a Microsoft ambassador, we were able to deploy our website and get the bot working on an emulator.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the finished product. It’s amazing to see our vision come to life on a working website. There were moments when we weren’t sure if it would all come together the way we wanted, but we worked together to figure everything out. We’re also happy to have created a resource people can use to deal with their stress in a healthy manner.

What we learned

Most of us learned how to code in HTML, CSS, and GitHub for the first time while the experienced coder learned deployment and cloud computing tools. This project also led to us improving our ability to work on a cooperative project in a remote setting.

What's next for Advice

For one, creating a forum for more person-to-person interaction to build more of a community for our users. This would allow us to be more inclusive and add solutions that have worked for other people while also bringing attention to struggles we may not have considered. We would also use input from this forum to decide on new official content for the website itself. For instance, if there was great concern shown for specific types of relationships such as romantic, or familial relationships, we would create sections to address these issues specifically. There are also many personal management tools that we would add to give people more options.

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