AdvertEYEz (a play on Advertise) will be a revolutionary marketing platform for all businesses, allowing companies and users to save money. The idea is to use Augmented Reality to deliver store information and exclusive offers to users whenever a user looks at the company logo. The platform will consist of 2 applications. One is a web application for store owners and companies to submit their ads for a fair price. The ads will consist of uploading the company logo, selecting a location(s), and specifying a promo code for an exclusive offer.

The second is an application for Epson Moverio glasses and Android. This will allow users to look at a store sign or logo, either in person or in print, and using photo recognition technology, the company’s ad will be augmented onto the user’s glasses. User’s location will be taken into account for whether the ad should be displayed, and store information such as nearest location, store hours, and phone number, will appear. There will also be the promo code which users can walk in and tell to a clerk, and receive the advertised deal. Another option will let the user view nearby ads if they are not currently looking at a store.

This solution will save companies from having to buy thousands of print flyers, also saving the environment. The users will save money when they go to a store and use the promo code. And companies still retain the advertising and marketing they desire. AdvertEYEz keeps everyone happy!

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