An adverse drug reaction (ADR) is an injury caused by taking medication. It is the 5th leading cause of death (behind Stroke, heart attack, etc). On average, ADRs cost the US on average $130 Billion per year.

Only 5% of Adverse Reactions are reported because there is no easy method of reporting online–one must first attend a physical visit to the hospital in order to submit a report.

We created a tool that allows users to search up possible drug reactions that they may encounter with the medication they take and submit the reactions they face into our database.

Prior to HealthHacks2, we had never learned how to store information in a backend server. Out of the 8 hours we spent here, a good portion was spent reading and understanding Firebase's documentation.

It was also a challenge designing our website in a way that looks visually appealing using OpenFDA's API. Their information was difficult to format.

Overall, we think that HealthHacks2 was a great experience and enjoyed the time that we spent here coding. We especially like the focus on healthcare (a topic that impacts us all).

You can check out our code here:

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