Adventurously is an app for budget focused travelers who are seeking an adventure! We provide easy trip planning features (including a budget-based itinerary builder), up-to-date travel information (including local hotel, food, and attractions data), and an overall stunning user-experience for the worldly traveler in all of us.

Adventurously sprouted from the minds of young college travelers with an inkling to explore. Having traveled to Europe, our founders noticed how difficult it was for budget-focused travelers to plan a simple wide-ranging trip across many destinations, and thus, Adventurously was born!

Our goal was to bring users an easy trip planning experience based upon itinerary building. At each leg of the trip, users can find popular destinations and popular attractions in addition to cost estimates of food, lodging, transportation, and the current total cost of the trip allowing them to plan in a step-by-step fashion.

Additional Information:

Our target user is an explorer traveling on a budget (whether big or small) who wants to concretely build an itinerary before taking off.

Some key features include an intuitive map interface with auto search and completion, a simple itinerary builder, and condensed city profiles with information from multiple sources (and some very interesting easter eggs :)

Our frontend technologies include the use of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Leaflet (for maps), and various other smaller modules, including date pickers and location autocompletes.

Our backend web server is currently situated on local host. We had a couple of options for serving our website including Windows Azure, Heroku, and Apache. Each of these options were attempted, but we chose to spend more time on building the app instead. We will happily put our app online later today though :)

We used Python and Flask for our backend. This included API calls to Priceline, Factual, Numbeo, and Rome2Rio for Hotel, Attractions, Food, and Travel data. Since the majority of these websites serve US consumers, we chose to base our prototype application in the US, but we made sure to make our code extensible for later inclusion of International data. We chose to sort popular destinations based upon Priceline's popular hotel destinations, and exposed those cities to users. All of this data was then cached to a mysql database on Microsoft's Azure Cloud for optimal website usage and maximum portability.

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