The theme of Boilermake, "hack your own adventure" inspired us to build something similar to a choose your own adventure game. We realized that, while there are tools that do isolated tasks such as: finding cheap tickets, booking hotels, or searching for attractions, nothing combined all of these tools into a fun-to-use web-app. Thus, Adventurous Sloth was born.

What it does

Adventure Sloth is a web app which allows a user to choose from several preferences and then generates a location to travel to with relevant travel info: (flight, hotel, attractions) as well as generating links to book your travel.

How I built it

We used Express.js with Node.js for the backend and React and Javascript for the front end. The backend uses TripAdvisor and Skyscanner APIs via RapidAPIs to collect flight, hotel, and attraction data. The web-app is also hosted on the Google Cloud Platform via the App Engine.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the big challenges we ran into were: finding good API's, learning to use the frameworks/languages, connecting front end with the back end, and consistency of data supplied.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud to have a fully working web app which will fulfill the user's input with relevant travel info.

What I learned

We all learned new things, we all learned Node.js , Express.js, and React as we had never used this stack in development or personal projects before.

What's next for Adventurous Sloth

We hope to add more features one day while also providing a smoother experience for the user.

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