Inspiration - One of our group members loves games and so we decided to open something of the sort!

What it does - It is just a short simple game that is designed with a pygame GUI and python software that detect user input and organizes them into sets. From there, it matches the words in the set of certain words we have set for different "occupations."

We built it through the strong implementation of lists and sets and conditionals as stated above.

We only had three group members, and for most of the group it was their first hack-a-thon. In addition, the group was not pre-planned and no one was yet familiar with each other, so it took the group members quite a while to become comfortable with one another.

We were very proud of fixing many last minute errors that we caught. We also made sure to find certain exceptions that would have thrown an error to the user don't occur. For example, the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters while the code checks sets and forms an intersection set.

We learned that no matter how hard it may seem at that moment, there is always a way to fix it. You must learn to turn and ask or find help. Do not stop. Keep going and it will come to you. This was the main lesson of the event for us as a team.

Due to some of us still being novice coders, we had to learn much of the content while we went through the basic outline of the program. Next time around, we will be solid on our python foundations and come prepared knowing each other, should we partner up again. This will allow us to implement stronger code that will look greater and function well. Some features that we could add would be the implementation of speech recognition, and simpler machine learning algorithms so that the user does not have to keep choosing themselves.

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