Remember the old 80's text based games? What if you could just play the game using your voice? We thought this was an interesting concept, so we decided to create it!

What it does

You play the game Zork using your voice! All commands are "fuzzy", so words like "go up", "head north", or "go north" all correspond to the Zork command "north".

How we built it

We built it using: Microsoft BotFramework for our Bot (also connected it to a SlackBot), Cortana Skills for our speech recognition, Azure VM to run the Zork game instances, Luis (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) to allow for "fuzzy" commands

Challenges we ran into

Training the model with Luis (it was very buggy), Editing open source Zork code to allow it to run on python, Getting API keys to work correctly with the BotFramework, Getting https working with the Azure VM (also getting a working domain)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually got all of the endpoints working together (Bot to Luis, Cortana Skills, Azure VM, and SlackBot). It is currently working on the HackTX SlackBot. A game session is saved for a certain account (I can start the game with Cortana on my phone, and the take the game later to my laptop with all data saved).

What we learned

How to use Luis, BotFramework, Cortana Skills, and SlackBot.

What's next for AdventureBot

Next for AdventureBot... add more games! Also, publicly release the Cortana Skill and SlackBot.

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