The inspiration for Adventure Game is step Alexa into the world of adventure role playing games and as an homage to text based games of old. The old text-based games allowed individuals to interact with the game engine through text based commands and read the story as they progress. Adventure Game takes this and allows Alexa's powerful speech engine to bring the game more to life. There are also elements of influence from table top gaming, in particular Dungeons and Dragons, with random number generation (a la dice) that isn't necessarily exposed to the user.

What it does

Adventure Game is an on-going adventure RPG with no end. A player can grind through exploration or training. There are over 100 unique monsters of various difficulties and rarities. 4 classes for users to play as. Over 25 quests that a user can complete that build out a storyline that has no end. Users can climb the ranks of the level leaderboard to show off their dominance.

How I built it

Adventure Game is an Alexa skill with a Ruby on Rails server backend. The server utilizes the Alexa Rubykit gem for formatting responses. All content, quest text, and response text were written and created by myself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the sheer amount of content I was able to produce in such a short time frame of working. I also feel quite proud of the interaction model I've used for the game as I feel it closely resembles the interaction model of old text based games while updating it to make the conversation seamless.

What I learned

I learned a great deal about Alexa development. It is quite difficult to get the hang of accommodating for all the various ways that something may be spoken and providing a great and immersive experience through spoken language only.

What's next for Adventure Game

Upcoming features I am working on for Adventure Game is an item and weapon system along with a shop. Also I am working on the ability for players to fight against one another to climb a separate fighting leaderboard.

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