• Choose your own adventure games, specifically the Yawg and Bandersnatch
  • The Brick Hack 5 layout and content
  • The Brick Hack 5 brick plushie

What it does

This basic, choose your own adventure game, takes the player through the trials and tribulations of Brickhack, oh and if you choose the wrong item you may cause an apocalyptic event to occur.

How we built it

The Art

  1. An artist draws the photos using Sharpie on paper
  2. An artist scans Sharpie drawing, then removes the background
  3. Using the PNG, an artist adds color using the Sketch application
  4. Export as PNG hand off to developer

The UI

  1. Created all the items in an array, as well as the systems for managing them
  2. Built logic using JavaScript to keep track of the player's items
  3. Created all main choice screens by building a template before expanding
  4. Added the PNGs created by the art team to the product
  5. Styled the markup to fit the intended structure

Challenges we ran into

  • Reaching a solid conclusion for our project idea
  • Choosing an appropriate art style
  • Relearning JavaScript
  • Transitioning pen sketches to sharpie sketches, to vector graphics
  • Changing content based on graphics capabilities

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Finishing a project in the allotted time frame
  • Creating intriguing and comedic content
  • Designing and illustrating standardized illustrations
  • Completing a working game
  • Learning and growing in the area of our interests and outside our normal skill set

What we learned

  • Keeping our project simple and fun keeps us motivated
  • Dividing tasks based on strength and interest improves work flow and efficiency
  • Creating interactions between roles helps keep the flow of work stay standard
  • Taking breaks when overwhelmed improves the project for everyone involved and the project itself
  • Having multiple mediums to express out initial ideas helps significantly in ideation, layout and illustration

What's next for Adventure at Table 12

  • Adding more items to choose from at each location
  • Adding more endings from the additional items
  • Having items affect endings further down the line in the game
  • Making the website layout more responsive for all screen sizes
  • Doing user testing to investigate user flows, content and graphic aesthetic

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