This app is an open-source, beginner-friendly project that is welcoming new pull requests! Today is the first day of December so we loved the idea of an Advent Calendar. But we didn't want to do just any old calendar, and because Microsoft and Github are sponsors of the #LocalHackDay hackathon, what better way to pay tribute than by creating an octocat themed Advent Calendar!

The live project is deployed here: The local files differ slightly as we removed the date functionality so it's easier to touch/play around - in the live version, you won't be able to open dates past today's date.


This app was created by Erica Lehotzky (@ELehotzky), Kelly Lwakatare (@kells08), and Eddie Childress (@no-relation) as part of MLH's Local Hack Day (Houston Hack Day) 2018.


Built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Octocat images pulled from - artist credits in image tags.

Challenges we ran into

Merge conflicts! We lost a lot of time in the beginning with some merge issues. With a bit of team communication and careful pull requests, we didn't have any major breaks after that lesson. Other challenges included fixing CSS code to try to make it pretty, and we can definitely improve on our single responsibility principle as some of our functions are quite large.

What we learned

A lot of refresher on vanilla JavaScript and CSS. We're also looking forward to learning what it's like to maintain an open-source repo!

What's next for Advent Octocatlendar

That's up to you! Fork and clone the repo, get creative, have fun, and open a pull request! Or check out our wish list below for ideas.

Wish List

-Refactor! This code was put together in about 9 hours, so it's not necessarily the prettiest! Practice the Single Responsibility Principle ( and break out some of our functions! -Add more functionality! Maybe we could use a border of twinkling Christmas lights, animation on the card flips, or sound effects/jazzy holiday tunes.

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