Our iOS application attempts to simplify his was a problem our team members encountered with the social networks that are most popular today. What we wanted to create was a streamlined app that allowed easy access to events around us at any present moment.

With Advent, we can open up the app and immediately see exactly what events are happening in a certain location. With our search function on our website, it's very easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Each event is linked with photos from all the users currently in the event, which allows for users to easily see a quick overview of the events around them. With a design specifically created with events in mind, adding photos to events that you are in, and seeking out events near you, Advent creates an ecosystem that pushes these functions in quick access.

What is it?

Advent is an iOS application that allows pictures to be taken and posted online. These pictures are sorted by events and chronologically, allowing them to be easily accessed and manipulated.

What was our goal?

We wanted to find a simple way to explore many different events around the world. Though some have tried this (such as Snapchat's story), none allow for such global editing.

What did we learn?

This was our first experience with Parse and API in general, which was a large learning experience for us. There was a big learning curve but by the end of it we were comfortable with Parse and didn't have much difficulty completing the app.

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