My name is Advarkaa. Soon I'll be available on the IOS app store for everyone to try out, but today I want to give you a sneak peek at what I have to offer. 

Tap on my icon from the home screen and I'll quickly launch, take a photo of whatever you are pointing your device at, and then upload it to your Evernote account! I can do all of this without you ever having to tap on a single button within the app.

Think about it. My ability to grab any moment, image, sketch, idea, inspiration, or funny dog trick you see so effortlessly, combined with Evernote's external brain like capabilities... .. well, its something that my creators have realized they just can't live without. 

Now its your turn to get in on the fun we've been having. Why not encourage and reward us for our hard work and vote for us now to make sure we get off to a great start and can keep bringing you more awesomeness!

Thanks from the bottom of my snout, Advarkaa

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