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Climbax is the worlds first dedicated tracker for rock climbing. The product utilizes two wrist worn sensors. This project is to explore further opportunities for visualizing the data from these sensors. Since the user has the ability to take video during climbing sessions from a the companion app, we would like to explore the opportunities for integrating this. In the ideal case, composite visualizations of data-video could be "instagrammable" and compelling to friends/followers.

Visualization of Data

Visualize data using a progress bar in the form of a mountain as well as a customizable radar chart that has the following parameters:

  • Stamina (total distance climbed)

  • Number of Left hand vs Right hand reach - bar chart

  • Average speed (duration (end time - start time)

  • Power (number of swing moves / jumps)

  • Route Selection (decision making, how long on hold)

In the future, the user would be able to customize the radar chart (change colours / parameters / title). The progress bar would show them how far they climbed in comparison to their longest distance (10%, 30%, 50% their longest distance etc...)


shell script
$ open terminal
$ python data_visualization.py

Share on Social Media

Uses video footage and wrist sensor data provided to make a #instagrammable moment that users can share with coaches and on social media. Our final goal is an instagrammable video + photo + data visualization that can be shared through social media as an extension to the app:


shell script
$ install Xcode
$ open Hackathon-2021/Hackathon-2021.xcodeproj
$ click the run button to view the iphone emulator

Future Improvements

  • Shows the path they took and predicts the optimal route that the climber should have taken using AI.
  • Route Selection (optimal route suggested by AI vs. route chosen)
  • Flexibility (distances / angles between two hands)
  • Add features to edit photo, add different stats to the picture before sharing.
  • Connects to your go pro/drone or allows you to upload footage taken from your go pro/drone so that there doesn't need to be another person taking a video of you and also so that you can get a better angle.



shell script
$ pip install plotly
$ pip install pandas
$ pip install numpy
$ pip install matplotlib
$ conda install -c plotly plotly-orca

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