I do not own a drawing tablet, but need to regularly annotate images, especially to explain my answer to a math problem, mark up on a map, etc, and I find it hard to draw using a mouse. I realized that I was carrying around a rather nice 6.5-inch touchscreen all the time, which could easily be used as a drawing tablet

What it does

This sends the image on your PC clipboard to your phone, where you can draw your annotations on it and then send the image back to your PC, where you can paste it into Discord/Microsoft Whiteboard/etc

How I built it

The frontend is a basic HTML/javascript drawing app, with multiple colours and size change functionality the background of the canvas can be the image you want to annotate over the backend receives the annotation as a transparent png b64, overlays it onto the background with OpenCV and puts it on the clipboard

Challenges I ran into

Accessing the clipboard of the PC was initially glitchy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

it actually works and made my life a bit easier, hope it makes other people's lives easier too

What I learned

I learnt how to access the clipboard using a python script, how to transfer images seamlessly between frontend and backend using base64 format

What's next for AdvancedAnnotate

Making a chrome extension for more seamless integration with google docs

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