In a healthcare setting, where minutes wasted reduce the probability of a good outcome, and where for a patient, seconds in pain can feel like hours...

The communication between nurse and doctor is not just crucial... it's paramount.

There is a breakdown in communication between nurses and doctors regarding clinical communications.

The problem isn't between nurse and doctor. It's between nurse and the RIGHT doctor. With doctors shifts, and doctors covering for each other, finding the right doctor is often one of nurses most frustrating and time consuming tasks. Often taking up to 15 minutes or more. Each time, this is 15 minutes not spent with their patients.

Statistics show that nurses spend nearly a quarter of their time on the phone in non clinical communications, and most of that simply on hold.

The impact on patient experience, HCAHPS, and basic patient outcomes is obvious.

To make matters worse, nurse information to doctors isn't triaged. To a doctor this is even more frustrating, if not downright dangerous. A page from a nurse is often simply a call back phone number. From a doctor's perspective, which is urgent, which is a potential pulmonary embolism, and which is constipation.

Here's how YouCallMD solves all those problems.

With one elegant, smart solution, the ramifications ripple through the entire spectrum of Healthcare, and from bpci score improvements, to lowered hospital stays, improved hospital and staff efficiency, and ultimately and more importantly... Better patient outcome.

Sure there are lots of chat and communications platforms out there. But the key differentiator is YouCallMD is smart. It connects the nurse, with the right doctor, every time, and in seconds.

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