There's no other add-on which would allow for easy export of changelog of JIRA issues. This is useful for spreadsheet based analysis in some scenarios.

For example - you use JIRA to keep status of your marketing campaign. You created few custom fields and you have JIRA issue per campaign. You tweak these fields as you go (e.g. some marketing campaign parameters). You then want to create a graph of how things changed over time and correlate it with data from other sources.

Export of changelog wasn't really possible so far.

What it does

Exports any JIRA fields to CSV, together with (optional) history of changes.

How I built it

It's built on top of Atlassian express middleware atlassian-connect-express. The interesting bit is how I used React.js for the frontend. create-react-app app is served by the same express server. I managed to not have to eject React app.

I also managed to use create-reac-app's webpack based development server for development in JIRA context. This has been achieved by proxying requests to express server over to locally running webpack server. I wrote middleware for that, which I'll publish at some point as a standalone project and contribution to Atlassian community.

Challenges I ran into

Using React.js webpack based dev server for development. Solved as described above.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Setting up fairly simple and convenient workflow for working on Atlassian Cloud add-ons using React.

What I learned

How awesome atlassian-connect-express is. My previous project was based on AppEngine custom built backed and was much more painful and time consuming to implement.

What's next for Advanced Export for JIRA

  • Some of the analysis of chanelog (graphs etc.) could be done within the plugin.
  • Export to more formats than just CSV

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