There are numerious gif maker online but they are all very simple and limited features. I want more like adding text with options of color, background, scaling, rotating, adding videos, webcam videos, svg shapes, adding backgrounds etc. I make myself this to fulfill all my desires for creating animated gif.

What it does

It simply makes gif from given inputs like text, videos, webcam, svg shapes etc. It has lot's of features which you cannot imagine and you can combine them to make or remixing multiples gif images and videos too.

How I built it

I use very popular library like fabricjs, bootstrap, jquery, videojs, html5, gifjs etc. Fabricjs is the base and all other technologies are used to add number of features.

What's next for Advanced Animated Gif Maker Online

It is still not complete and because of it's new api, it is not supported in all browsers. Google chrome is the one that can use this app fully. Then firefox doesn't support some features on it. So in next phase my effort will be to make it supported to all browers and mobiles.

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