1.6 million people can't move, even with the use of their wheelchair. Millions more can't use their computers, arms, or voices.

I have spent years researching alternative interfaces (emg, eeg, mechanical, eye) and robots for these people so they can move, eat, communicate, and interact in the most non-invasive and natural method possible.

I want to use the Moverio to develop a novel head based interface for our autonomous wheelchair and robotic arm, to give people with ALS and Spinal Injuries the freedom to interact (move, speak, touch, door, entertainment) with the world they are in.

The problem with existing head based input methods is that they do not provide feedback. The Moverio will allow for feedback, and thus a 10x or more improvement.

Here is a short video of my chair dumping ice water over my head for the ALS Ice bucket challenge.

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