We sought out to correct an issue we found in the modern schooling system. Often students are left with large amounts of theoretical knowledge but lack practical skills they will use all the time after graduation. We made an application that would consolidate the most common skills people use in their day to day life. This way you could have all these need-to-know skills easily at hand. Our goal was to make an easy-to-use application that contains a large amount of needed life skills, and we have accomplished the goal we set forth and then improved upon it further.

What it does

Adulting-101 is an app that has a variety of life skills split into meaningful categories. Each category contains necessary life skills that young adults need to learn, such as taxes, changing a tire, and so much more. We have a built in suggestion sender that will email our email address so that users can easily send us suggestions to improve our app. Adulting-101 hosts over 40 tutorial pages current. That catalog will only grow with time and user suggestions. Along with these pages Adulting-101 also displays helpful tips that are updated daily.

How we built it

We used Flutter and Dart to create a cross-platform iOS and Android application. We maintained a repo amongst team members using Github, and used a multitude of API’s with packages to create a beautiful yet functional app.

Challenges we ran into

Our app endeavors was not without challenge, the current update of the Flutter plugin had many problems connecting with Xcode, Apple’s IDE used to develop software for the Apple Ecosystem. This created many hours of debugging weird issues as well as causing us all headaches. We also had problems getting certain functionalities included in the app such as, youtube videos, favorites, and passing data into widgets. These all seemed like simple issues at first, but soon turned into many hour long ordeals to get these features implemented. Though it was a hard process we are happy to have a finished product out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how the UI ended up looking and the use of glassmorphism really brought the app together. We are also proud of how we managed to put together a project much more complicated than anything we have done in the past. We aimed really high for this and learned so much along the way.

What we learned

In the past about half our team had brief introductions to flutter and dart, and the other half were clueless. We wanted to use our time over this weekend to really learn the dart language and create a much more complex application then anything we have worked on in the past. Though we still have MUCH to learn we feel that we definitely have a better grip on the language. Some specific things we learned were how to embed youtube videos in flutter applications, how to make gradient UI, how to create glass morphism ui (a cool new trend in ui that looks really cool), how to use object oriented design in flutter, how to navigate multi-page layouts, how to generate custom pages, how to deal with group conflict, how to collaborate better, how to use git properly, how to better organize files, how to create responsive ui, how to use various API’s, how to use basic database functions, and how to properly plan large software projects.

What's next for Adulting101

We hope to get a commercial release for Adulting101 ready soon and release it to the app store. We are adding many more tutorial pages as well. This implementation should not be hard with the custom page generator we created. We would also set up the database to release daily tips automatically rather than any manual action being required. We also plan to add search functionality. Overall we think that Adulting101 has a bright future ahead.

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