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Advertisements are often distracting and can ruin a website’s user experience. However, with technologies like AdBlock, many websites are losing a significant amount of revenue. Our team devised a solution that benefits both the users and websites, while supporting researchers around the world through providing computing power.

What it does

AdSwap replaces ads with Distributed Computing jobs that run in the background, keeping the website clean and unobtrusive. Website visitors can enjoy an ad-free browsing experience while the website is paid for computation work. This also allows users to contribute towards social projects such as computation for medical research.

How I built it

On the front-end, we used ReactJS to build a functional webpage. In building the prototype web page, we were able to display how our app would run in the background, as well as how we would notify our users of the distributed computing APIs. From a back-end perspective, we used JavaScript to create boilerplate code and util functions using DCP to set the client up for mining.

Challenges I ran into

My team and I ran into multiple challenges in our implementation of the DCP APIs. As a new technology that none of us have worked with before, this category was both challenging and exciting for our entire team. Specifically, creating the solve captcha and generating the wallet for each worker posed were the most notable barriers. Although these tasks were difficult, we overcame them as a team through collaborating in an efficient manner and referring to existing documentation. Overall, I believe it was our ability to work effectively as a team that allowed us to tackle problems successfully and build out this app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re very proud that we were able to complete a functional project that solves our focal issue. Despite the current circumstances, we got to experiment with new technology and develop new skills. This project was very rewarding as our entire team embraced the challenges and worked diligently towards our final product.

What I learned

Through this project, my team and I significantly improved our knowledge of React. In building the front-end and merging that with the Distributed Computing processes, we faced numerous challenges but were able to understand how the back-end connected with our React components. Also through working with DCP, we learned how to implement the technology and how we can use it in future projects.

What's next for adswap

AdSwap can continue to grow by introducing a platform to connect websites to Distributed Computer services so that any website can set up AdSwap features. We want to make this available and easy to use so the technology can be scaled to more users across the Internet.

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