FA Studios

What is it?

A parody of EA's anti-consumer business practices, where the player has to get around the paywalls through hacking minigames.

Who are we?


Highschool Student going into Grade 10. Mainly works on the MERN/MEAN stacks, some Python and Java here and there



Grade 10 Highschool Student, who mainly does C++/Java, but knows some web dev and some Unity.

What technologies did we use?

  • Phaser
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • Node.JS
  • Express.JS
  • Digitalocean
  • .TECH domain

Why did we build it?

EA has been criticised many times for their anti-consumer practices, including pricy lootboxes, numerous paid DLCs, and the pay-to-win nature of many of their games. We felt that parodying them would be an interesting and unique concept for a game.

The game also presents an interesting opportunity for aspiring young coders to experience a more minor infosec/"hacking" experience, including a terminal based hack that instills some programmatic thinking in them. We hope to expand this game to much more challenging hacks, for people of a higher level. (Such as neural network based Captcha solves, or XSS)

What are we proud of?

It actually works TM

What could we improve on?

when 7 people in total couldn't troubleshoot one pesky modal

What have we learned?

don't use modals


  • [x] Level 2
    • [x] Hacking Minigame
  • [ ] Level 3
    • [ ] Hacking Minigame
  • [ x] Intro menu
  • [ x] Sound Effects
  • [ x] Background Music
  • [x ] Memory for CMD Prompt
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