With self-driving cars coming in, we have to adapt and start thinking of what to come next. We are living in an increasingly interconnected and digitally smart world. Advertisers know this and have adjusted their budgets and business models accordingly. Companies such as Google and Facebook are built around massive digital ad networks. There is a huge new business opportunity for the first vehicle manufacturers to take this further by making it a real-time immersive experience while driving.

Taking this another step further would be to take advantage of this technology for your day-to-day activities. One example that we implemented, would be finding parking spots. There are apps out there that monitor how many parking spots are available within a lot. Although it is convenient to use them, we could implement our own way of finding that out by monitoring the parking meter against the total number of parking spots at a specific lot.

Parking would just be the beginning, we could use this technology for restaurants, hotels and many more. A deep integration with smart cities would be make the driving experience more immersive, interactive, and efficient. By providing instant real time information to the driver would enable smarer and easier decision making while on the road and take the driving experience to the next level.

What it does

Currently what's functioning is be able to see sales on your windshield as you pass by your favourite stores. Getting pop up videos of what's on sale for that store and prices if you wish. One will able to see if there are available spots for the parking lot you are approaching without entering it.

How we built it

We used Apple's AR kit 2 and xcode to create an iOS application. We also used the native geo-location to get where the car is. This will eventually make the car smarter, as it is expecting the store coming up, making the AR application more accurate.

To be able to get information about parking lots, we used ParkWhiz to be able to get how many spots are available near by.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with a business idea that would benefit both a car manufacturer and the people took us a while.

We also did not have experience with AR kits, so this was our first time using it. We created a 3D model of a car and tried 3D printed it, but the printer kept failing as it would need around 6 hours to print. Instead, we're decided to laser cut and assemble the frame of the car instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what's next for AdR

We were able to finish it! BUT it doesn't stop here. The possibilities are endless. We will continue thinking of services that use this technology to make it more convenient for the drivers/passengers.

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