We all know someone who has suffered from dementia; this disease is awful and will most likely affect us or someone we know later in life as well. Our inspiration is to help others in the present and lay the foundation for future progress. Satisfaction gained from receiving rewards is a thing of the past millennium; this millennium, it's all about collaboration and giving rewards. Giving leads to the greatest fulfilment and is arguably the most purposeful contribution of human existence.

What it does?

We are not invention, we are innovation; we have used beacon technology, which already exists, but found a new, practical use for it. Beacons (or simply sensors) allow for micro-location analysis which tracks a patients habits and behaviour inside their homes and notifies their caregiver who is in a remote location.

How we built it?

iOS application using Estimote beacons.

Challenges we ran into?

Certain features – submerging beacons in water to emulate sink/bath tub overflowing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of!

We established a significant pain point between caregivers and patients and we developed a product that alleviates the tension. We are truly happy that our product benefits a cause that is bigger than ourselves!

What we learned?

Working together to further a common goal initiates a synergy and synchronicity, which working independently does not, and leads to superior work being done! We each brought in different skills sets and were able to combine them effectively to produce a result that was greater than the sum of its parts! Software engineering is important, but human engineering is a close second – if not equally important!

What's next for ADore

Trying to turn our good idea into a GREAT product!!

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