Music has gotten me through a lot of what this past year has brought, so it made sense to have some fun with it. New releases were always something to look forward to and with those came new top songs every month. What kind of interactive code could I create with a list of monthly top songs? Just like that, Adora the Top Songs Interactive Friend was created!

What it does

Adora has two main functionalities.

  1. She can take a list of a month's top songs and create a personalized playlist for the user based on their inputted genre. She then compiles songs into the playlist as the user filters through and "likes" the applicable songs one by one.
  2. She can also go through the list of all the top songs and gather some information for you, like the genre dominating the charts, how many top songs an artist has this month or the nth top song!

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

As a beginner who's still taking introductory computer science courses, I was quite limited with what I could do. I don't have the knowledge to make a user-friendly platform like an app or website yet, so I've only been able to write the code for Adora. Additionally, working with imported data isn't at all familiar to me so I had to create my own sample top songs list manually. I was hoping to work with a team to make up for where I fall short but unfortunately that fell through when my contact stopped replying back on Saturday morning. Still, I was able to create something fun with my skillset!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Outside of my intro courses, this is my first computer science project! I came up with the ideas for all the functionalities and conversational replies on my own and even worked through all the errors independently! This was a new experience for me but I'm proud of what I was able to come up with!

What we learned

I gained a lot of experience working with input and creating code that could go in so many different directions.

What's next for Adora, Your Top Songs Interactive Friend

I would like to learn how to import real data of a month's top songs and format it appropriately so that Adora can give updated results regularly without me having to input all the songs manually. I'd also like to learn how to make this project more user friendly through another platform!

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