Woof woof! Oh sorry, I mean Hey! In the memory of my dog "Chola" that died a few weeks ago. This website is a "native-like" prototype, that shows the power of Webflow. I wanted to create an application that shows the animals in a more personal way, rather than an "ad".

What does your prototype do?

In this prototype, you can see the animals profiles, read about them, see their cute pics. You can favourite the ones you like the most. There is a search feature in the prototype but it's only an example screen since I didn't use hosting for my website.

What inspired you?

As I mentioned above, I wanted to make a site that is worthy for the animals and to make the adoption experience more fun and light. A few weeks ago my dog died from cancer, and my family and I looked at some website that let you adopt and I felt that most site doesn't answer my needs as a user, so in this extremely quick prototype, I tried to make something that can come close to what I would like to experience in a real site.

How was it built?

This site was built with Webflow. I used a few Lotties animation (credits at the end). Pen & Paper for wireframes and sketches. and for more refine wireframes I used Sketch for Mac.

What did you learn?

I learned a lot of cool animations and tricks. It was super fun to work on something like that! I would like to thank Webflow for making this amazing platform for creating websites in a matter of seconds.

Challenges I ran into

I had trouble with the animations sometimes and making sure everything stays as I wanted

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making this whole project under 20 hours!

What's next for Adopt Me!

I'm extremely excited to come back to this project in a few months and continue its development.

What's in the video?

In the video, I'm showing a quick overview of the website (using a screen recorder). Feel free to use it and give me feedback! I wanted to make so much more but I only had time for some :)

You Interact with the project here:

https://adoptmenow.webflow.io/ (Mobile only)

Till next time, Ohad :)

Credits: Icons: https://www.rubicons.app/ Heart Lottie Animation: https://lottiefiles.com/1087-heart

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