Most older people have been forced to be locked up to take care of their health from COVID 19, many of them live their experience alone with no one, some receive their food by delivery but cannot have close contact for fear that someone may infect them. , one of them is my grandmother that I have not seen in 6 months, that a word of support would help her to carry her confinement more bearable, my idea is to create a system "adoption of grandchildren" in which volunteers could be adopted by grandparents who they know about technology and that they can listen to them and share their life, a similar adoption tinder, in which their photo would be presented to the older person, this proposal is not only seen for now, but for times after covid would help many people older to feel better and bear their loneliness. In the same application I would like to make an automated message system, many older people do not know how to use a cell phone, so the messages would be sent to their cell phones, with messages of support from their adoptive grandchildren.

The proposal was created by me but I am asking some friends to help me by getting older people in the first test and volunteers to help us in the messages, the messages we are starting to do manually, maybe some older adults would like to have international grandchildren . Adopt me grandfather, a messenger service for the elderly

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