Pit bulls are stereotyped by society to be vicious animals. In truth, pit bulls are naturally one of the most caring, protective, and loving breeds. What better breed to have as your best friend? We wanted to devise an app that would not just try and convince people that pit bulls are really enormous teddy bears, but also try and get pit bulls homes. Because of their negative stigma, pit bulls often fill shelters, often being put to death just because no one wants to love them. We hope that "Adopt Me" will change that.

What it does

With a Tinder-sorting design (Swipe Left or Swipe Right), people can scroll through possible new best friends. "Adopt Me" will not just help redeem the pit bull name in the public eye, but also give them loving homes.

How we built it

Using MarvelApp, we first created our concept by starting with welcome screens, sign ins, etc. We then created the "doggie profiles" in which the user could Swipe Left or Swipe Right, and created a basic profile page. We then revisited, reformatted, and organized the doggie profiles, added an "education page" (third screen), and developed information pages for some of the dogs (demo only). Then, the "match" page was created, with the location and contact features.

Challenges we ran into

Matt had to learn how to use MarvelApp before we were able to start anything. After that, we ended up either forgetting or confusing links between pages. The text on the slides also deleted halfway through being written, so many slides had to be rewritten from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Considering that we have basically no knowledge of coding whatsoever, we are glad we managed to make a prototype app that we're actually proud of. Not only did we have fun, but we both created something that could possibly eradicate discrimination against pit bulls. We are also happy we did not die of exhaustion over the past 24 hours.

What we learned

Matt learned how to become virtually a pro at MarvelApp, and Sophia learned new functions and edits within MarvelApp. We also learned patience to deal with all of the problems that arose, built communication skills, and more about how badly pit bulls are misunderstood by society.

What's next for Adopt Me

We hope that Adopt Me will expand and become a real app where people can actually find and rescue pit bulls. We also greatly hope that pit bulls, as a result of Adopt Me, will receive all the love they deserve.

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