Create an way for the community to participate in afforestation and fostering a tree-planting culture.


In 1963, forest covered 10% of land in Kenya and by 2006 that dropped to 6.6%. The Kenya Forestry Working Group has estimated that Kenya will lose ca US$300 million each year by deforestation from the tourism, tea and energy sectors. With these daunting statistics, it may seem that there is nothing you can do to stop this. But if there were just a few more trees planted in the next decade it may change the landscape, economy and communities for the better. This way we can safeguard water catchment areas not only for the current population but for generations to come. We can create a tree planting culture.

What we learned

  • Facebook Messenger and Facebook Graph API

How we built it

  • Node.js
  • Facebook graph api
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB


  1. Setting up the bot with full functionality
  2. Time constraints

What's next

  1. Creating a more responsive bot and integrating NLPs.
  2. Create a Website with React for improved performance.
  3. Submit bot for review
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