Our mission for this Design-o-Thon is to create work solving real-world problems while spreading the goodness of the user-centered design & problem-solving process!

What it does

Re-design of the CTN (Community Technology Network) to reduce the digital divide and expand opportunities for the seniors in need. Mainly their home and volunteer page to attract digital coaches. Goal: Promote more volunteers to coach and remotely teach digital skills for at-risk seniors.

Reserach target auidence

Learned about the target audience mapping: who is the target audience

  • Digital Natives
  • Health Professionals -Community Services volunteers -Bilingual Speakers -Teaching interest ##Hot-Spots Where are the hot spots?
  • Social media -Colleges and Universities -Digital Ads -Family homes and housing communities -Internet cafes -Health-related services such as senior centers and clinics

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First-time using Adobe XD. I had a lot of testing new ideas and really liked the responsive resize feature that will turn a website into an app.

  • Completed the re-design, research, and presentation deck within 16 hours

What's next for the ADOBE design challenge

Updating the design whenever I have time

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