What is AdNFT?

AdNFT is a video advertising protocol in web3, each user can use it to add advertisements to their own videos, your video will be stored in thetavideoapi , and each advertisement is an NFT. The behavior of users viewing advertisements will be recorded in Dfinity's Canister, and you can know which wallet address, which country, which website, and when they viewed your advertisement.

How It Work

1.Create an Ad.
Upload video, set your ad content.

2.Import Component.
Add the Ad React component code and configure your AdNFT information.

3.Display Ad.
Display to users and analyze user browsing records.

AdNFT Metadata Standards

    "name":"AdNFT #1",   
    "description":"This is an AdNFT",
            "value":"Welcome to AdNFT"

name:Name of the ad

description:Description of the ad

video:A URL to a video

ad_showtime:How many seconds into the video to show the ad

ad_image:The image displayed in the ad

ad_content:The text content displayed in the ad

ad_link:The link visited after clicking on the ad

Submit track

Because it contains videos and NFTs. I want to let the judges of theta decide which track it belongs to.

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