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🌟 Inspiration 🌟

When I was in high school, after I took my SAT test, I got a pretty low score, compared to the local universities' average. I was faced with a challenge to find either retake the test, or find universities that are willing to accept my SAT score. I was not willing to retake the SAT, and there was no such tool to filter universities by SAT score. And so, Admittedly was born.

🤩 What it does 🤩

Admittedly matches you with universities that have an average score close to the one you provide. Got an SAT score of 1120? There's a college for that! Put in the score, click one button, and you'll see a neat list of universities.

✨ How we built it ✨

We used Vue, alongside with Django for backend to build the project.

We did some research to get a dataset of universities, alongside with their SAT scores. We imported this dataset into Google Cloud Bigquery, and with the help of a little clever algebra, we can accurately predict a matching university fitting a user's SAT preference.

🌇 Challenges we ran into 🌇

The university dataset had no images. In order to have a complete-looking list of universities on the frontend, we obviously needed to display an image for each university. For this, I have built a python script to scrape Wikipedia and download a relevant campus image. This was an interesting problem that I had, which I could not solve for 2 days. After getting enough sleep, the light bulb finally lit up!

💖 Accomplishments that we're proud of 💖

I'm proud of my team working and collaborating together to build a product in under a week. The project was demanding, and the time was not enough, so we had to choose which features were critical to implement. We have purposefully omitted authentication (which most other hackathons include) because it was unnecessary and time-consuming. By omitting some features, we were able to have a viable product in under a week with only a team of 2 people.

What we learned

We learned that MVP is the most important part of a hackathon. Some features that are not of extreme importance can be put off for later. For example, we were thinking of making a mobile app too, but we dropped that idea to focus on the main business logic first.

What's next for Admittedly

Admittedly is going to be a Future 500 company soon. JK! Or am I? 🤔

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  • Nyior Clement
  • Mikayel Melikyan
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