Admissions Tracker

Team Members

Chris Mahr

Angela Perez

Dylan Porteus

Kyle Stengline

Project Description

Welcome to the General Assembly Admissions Portal, a Team ACaDemiK original. The Portal is designed so that four different types of people can interact with it:

  • Applicants: Prospective students are able to visit the Portal and upload their application for one of three immersive classes: Web Development, User Experience Design and Product Management. Applicants are sent an email inviting them to create an account with GA that allows them to log in and check on the status of their applications.

  • Admissions Officers: Admissions officers can log in and select candidates for phone screens. During said phone screens, AOs can open up an admissions questionnaire where they can fill in information about the applicant; the questionnaire also includes a timer that counts down from 10 minutes (the maximum time allowed) for an interview.

  • Instructors: GA instructors may select applicants who have already completed an initial phone interview with an admissions officer for a second round, in-person interview (provided that the AOs have given that applicant a passing grade for their phone screener). Instructors will have their own version of a questionnaire that they can fill out either during or after their interview with the applicant.

Click here for a link to the Trello page outlining Team ACaDemiK's construction process.

Technologies Used

The Heroku-deployed app uses core concepts of Ruby on Rails - namely RESTful routing and user authentication/password encryption - and pulls from a Postgres database via ActiveRecord. The Portal was fashioned with HTML and CSS and made dynamic with jQuery and React.js.

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