JIRA is used pretty much in all the enterprises we've worked in as an issue tracking system and it's a very nice tool. Slack is also more and more used everywhere, so we decided to combine them so we can use best of both worlds, directly from Slack!

What it does

At it's MVP, it's helps you lookup issues in JIRA and will tag your issues while you talk about them.

How we built it

Using Azure Bot Framework, it was simple to connect it to a Slack app and then use a bot very fast.

You can also test locally using Microsoft Bot Framework Emulator.

Challenges we ran into

At some point, Azure was not responsive anymore to a specific channel (maybe we hit the maximum free calls?)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! :) It's also very simple to add commands

What we learned

Creating bots is pretty simple when you only connect 2 systems together.

What's next for AMZ-JBot

We'll see!

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posted an update

You can POST that as test data. Just change what's in the "text" field

{ "type": "Message", "id": "7ccfc1464a8449849a28ef5f30692f36", "conversationId": "8a684db8", "created": "2016-06-05T12:15:22.1462329Z", "language": "en-US", "text": "my issues", "attachments": [], "from": { "name": "User1", "channelId": "emulator", "address": "User1", "id": "2c1c7fa3", "isBot": false }, "to": { "name": "admatzijbot", "channelId": "emulator", "address": "admatzijbot", "id": "admatzijbot", "isBot": true }, "participants": [ { "name": "User1", "channelId": "emulator", "address": "User1", "id": "2c1c7fa3", "isBot": false }, { "name": "admatzijbot", "channelId": "emulator", "address": "admatzijbot", "id": "admatzijbot", "isBot": true } ], "totalParticipants": 2, "mentions": [], "channelMessageId": "e8c684dabe444356bc931394006cf8be", "channelConversationId": "Conv1", "hashtags": [] }

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