I was on the line at Henry's Diner at around 8 ish and my friends were making jokes about people getting mad about Cambridge Analytica's whole scandal. That made me think what if there was a way to in a way mask your data while still getting your best experience.

What it does

Basically, a python script to automate searches on google or youtube an arbitrarily large number of times so that your private data and searches do not end up in ads or ad companies.

How I built it

With the help of mentor Mahesh, I basically learned python in 6 hours and scanned through numerous githubs and StackOverflows to make a hand-written script that logs into google goes onto youtube and searches and input x number of times.

Challenges I ran into

So the only known way of making solid scripts with a mac is on python is using selenium. Selenium's general API usage opens up its instance of Chrome without using the Chrome browser and uses webBrowsers own instance so that memory or let's say log ins are not stored so nor is data searched up(chromedriver standalone server communicates without chrome itself only selenium vs chrome locally stored). For this, I had to make it open its own window as selenium is built for, then make a sole method for opening up tabs and tag everything for clicks and typing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole thing tbh I started at 2 am

What I learned

Python Selenium Team building Sleep deprivation Stress

What's next for AdManipulation

Live implementation?

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