Our team consists of Will Kanter, Tyler Rayborn, Jarrod Teige, and Kevin Keleher. We are all veteran students and employees at the CU Veteran and Military Affairs center. The idea for our project came from the personal experiences of some of our group and Will Kanter was responsible for bringing it to this event. - Kevin

What it does

Conducting activities of daily living (ADL) are linked to positive/negative mental states. ADL Tracker streamlines a way for therapy patients to list their ADLs using a daily Google form. Every evening the patients will fill out a form and select the ADLs they performed for the day. There is both positive and negative ADLs that will be reflected in a patient's profile if they performed them for any given day. If a patient does not respond to their ADL form for a day then that shows a possible decline in their mental state. - Tyler

How we built it

We built the project using Atom, HTML, CSS, Google Sheets, Google Charts, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a multitude of challenges as our group has little coding background. We attempted building a database but found a much more simple solution in using Google forms until we can build a proper database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team learned so much over the course of the last two days. We are very excited to continue working on this project and hopefully get this website/app up and running. boom! - Jarrod

What we learned

It is the first time most of our team has done anything with .html, .css, and JavaScript. We learned how challenging it can be and also learned how to overcome some of these challenges by learning these languages. boom! badabang! boom badabang! - Jarrod

"I learned enough html/css/js (with the help of my teammates) to help build our website and the interface it currently uses between GoogleSheets, GoogleForms, and GoogleCharts. I also have a new-found confidence in approaching digital solutions."- Kevin

What's next for ADL Tracker

Future plans for the ADL Tracker include constructing a database to store and gather data. We plan to add encryption to the website for patient and therapist logins. We will be monitoring the website in order to find any potential improvements/adjustments that can be made as the product evolves. - Will

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