Meghan O'Brien, a guest speaker here at Digitize Hackathon, who was talking about how she was fostering mentally ill people with a warm line.

What it does

Find Myself is a website for mentally ill people to make accounts and find others like them. Friends are made by finding others with similar interests, and this is can help mentally ill people relate to each other and feel less isolated. The main goal is to let people diagnosed with such problems that they are not alone.

How I built it

We built it with HTML and CSS. We used the website as an alternate way to access the website.

Challenges I ran into

When we came up with the idea, we thought it was a great idea. However, we later found out that it would make sense with a website, but we had no experience with HTML or CSS. However, we attended the HTML and CSS workshop, and that helped us with enough of an understanding of HTML and CSS to make the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned how to use HTML and CSS to an intermediate level, and we had no idea how to even use HTML or CSS before the hackathon.

What I learned

We learned HTML and CSS and better ways to pitch projects.

What's next for

We need to finish making a database of users who register for the website and actually make a feature that can connect people with similarities of mental disorders. We also plan on branching out and contacting mentors to help communications between mentally-ill people. Lastly, we hope to gain more users and hope to make a difference in people's lives.

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