No More children need to drill their skull for Hearing.

Overcome all the disadvantages of Implantation surgery by providing an Adhesive non-surgical hearing aid.

Problem being addressed

By birth and conjunctive hearing loss patients presently require Hearing aid implants which demand open skull surgeries.

In Hearing aid implantation, surgeons need to drill the skull and a magnified electrode is placed inside the skull to enable hearing.

Globally over 466 million people and In India over 63 million people are affected by this problem

Hearing aid implantation has several disadvantages such as:

-the potential high risk of open skull surgery, not all surgeries have a 100% success rate.

-the maximum age limitation for implantation is just 8 years

-Inability to undertake an MRI for a lifetime.

-High cost of implementation which exceeds 10,000 Euros

-Meningitis (infection of the fluid around the brain).

-Unable to use a smartphone.

‘Only a mere 10 % of patients get treated because of the high cost and risk with existing solutions.’

Solution and scientific validity No more children need to drill their skull for hearing

Avoid implantation surgery.

Highly cost-effective over 900 Euros. our early prototype showed the adhesive nonsurgical hearing device which is just 6% of the cost of traditional hearing aid implantation.

Suitable for all ages.

4.No restriction for using (smartphone, immigration, taking MRI). There are no post-implantation restrictions while using our product. The patients can still take lifesaving diagnostic imaging services such as MRI and enjoy radio magnetic wave-based electronic technology such as smartphones).

Patients Able to speak Feasibility of developing a working solution

Our patented technology uses trascranous magnetic stimulation.

We have two patents for India-origin PCT for our hearing device technology.

Science and working principle behind the idea Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a wireless counterpart to implant-based neurostimulation. Impulse is the first to commercially develop this technology to stimulate the hearing nerves of people with deafness. Which totally avoids implantation surgery.

Our Invention Adhesive Non-surgical Hearing Device provides sensory stimulation, such as audible stimulation, to a subject, and in one particular example, provides sensory stimulation by generating a stimulatory electromagnetic field to selectively activate sensory neurons.

The product is ergonomic and lightweight. We simply need to stick our product behind the ear using a non-allergic adhesive material.

Our invention has also been verified and certified by the Japanese government through the ministry of internal affair and communication

We have successfully piloted trials of our invention with over 50 patients, who were able to use our device and hear for the first time in their lives. Also along with our product while providing continuous speech therapy we can even enable them to speak.

Built With

  • bci
  • magnetic
  • stimulation
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