AdhereTech makes smart patented pill bottles to improve medication adherence and patient engagement. These bottles automatically measure how many pills a patient takes and when he/she takes them. If a dose is missed, AdhereTech reminds the patient via automated phone call or text message – as well as via on-bottle lights and chimes. AdhereTech recently began a clinical trial with The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and will soon start trials with Boehringer Ingelheim, Cornell, and another top-10 pharma company. AdhereTech also recently formed a partnership with GE Healthcare.

Our goal is to go way beyond a bottle that reminds patients; AdhereTech will become a patient engagement hub, that interacts with patients at the exact moment they do or don't take their meds. For clinical trials, this would mean a completely personalized patient experience. AdhereTech could send the patient a welcome message at the first moment a bottle is opened. AdhereTech can remind patients to take their meds if a dose is missed, and we can ask them why a dose was missed (e.g. asking if side-effects or other drivers are an issue) - all via text message or automated phone call, and all in real-time. If problems persist, we can route patients to a live case manager.

This is the first smart pill bottle that requires zero patient set up or behavior change in order to be used. The wireless CDMA chip in the bottle allows the bottle to work anywhere that a cell phone would work, and patients use AdhereTech bottles just like a normal pill bottle, with all data collected passively.

Our service is easy for the non-tech savvy. Users don’t need to download any apps, and they don’t even need a cell phone. Our service works seamlessly for those with only land lines or those with cell phones.

Not only can clinical trials coordinators know when patients are being adherent or non-adherent in real-time, but text messages or phone calls can also be sent to patients to build engagement and drive behavior change at the moments when it is needed. The possibilities are limitless with this new technology, and the bottle is currently active in pilots with real patients.

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